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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Hello loved ones and happy new year! Is this real life? Is 2012 really here? I'm still amazed that 2011 has already come and gone. As confirmed by my lack of posts, updates on the robin's nest were hard to come by last year. With that said, I hope you're ready for an overload of photos to share a bit of where we were and what we did these past 12 months. Here's to you new year, we're ready.

 2011: A Polaroid Tale

Indoor gardening

Kent smiling at the camera. Proof that he does know how to  :)

Gathering the gardening goods...

Made this pretty Easter piece

We hiked a mountain

Or two

And right as we thought the longest winter of all time was coming to an end, this happened. And it was beautiful. 

Then came the rain...

And more pretty rain...

And poor Quinto got chickenpox. Fortunately they didn't last too long.

I had a little obsession with butterflies...but who hasn't?

Spring came and brought new life. This meant lots of walks.

Took the Christmas lights to the deck. It made us feel like Summer was coming!

And it finally did. We picked 30 lbs of cherries and made a LOT of cherry jam. MMmmmmm.

A portrait session brought us to Portland for several days and we had our first visit to Canon Beach

Uncle Dave was nice enough to show us around 


I had a birthday.

Mama came to visit. So naturally, we ventured outside. 

And right as summer started to feel like it was here for good...

...the summer farmer's markets phased into autumn farmer's markets.

All of summer's vivid tones cooled and Market days required mittens and chai. And lucky us, veggie soups became a weekly meal. 

And our annual fall trip to Moscow took place! Blackberry (and this year, plum) picking...

We were woodland dwellers for a day

As it continued to get cooler, we hurried to get in the last of our fall walks to the library and coffee shops in. Completely surrounded by color...

...and then we'd have to cozy up and get warm

When Spokane was in the thick of Autumn, we went to San Francisco for a wedding I was shooting expecting the same chilly weather and were spoiled with 70+ heat and clear skies.

And we finally went to a concert in Spokane! My birthday present. Tickets to Matt Pond

And Rocky Votolato. Both melodic geniuses. 

Winter, winter, winter...

In the middle of December we came to Utah to spend the holidays with loved ones. Just one week left until we return home!

Wishing you all the happiest new year!!  Kent & Meg


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