Monday, June 4, 2012

May was such a busy month. Kent graduated (and we were SO happy to have family with us to celebrate!), we road tripped to Seattle and Boise, Kent had a birthday (I made gf veggie pizza and banana cream pie), we grilled with friends several times a week (when weather permitted), embraced the rain (it was among us often), and spent many warm evenings in the park playing frisbee and reading...

Kent is applying for jobs and we'll hopefully know this month where we'll be heading next. Spokane has been so awesome (despite our car being stolen twice) but we're still anxious for our next adventure. All we know is that we will definitely be somewhere where the sun hangs out more.
Love you all, Kent & Meg

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  1. Love you guys!!!! Keep us posted on job hunting!!!! It's all so very exciting!!

  2. Thanks! It is so exciting! We'll keep you posted for sure :) Love you all, too! Reese is so stinkin' cute! Love all the pics you post. We want to come to Seattle one last time to see friends. I'll let you know when so we can come see your cute place! xx


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