Greetings from Guate!

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Hi everyone! We arrived to our new home two weeks ago and are so happy we made the decision to come here. While we have been getting situated in our nice, cozy place, trying to acquaint ourselves with our neighborhood, the city, the market and the yummiest (and safest) food vendors, we have also been focusing on our spanish. Rosetta Stone has been our good friend (but she also drives us crazy on occasion).

We have spent a few sunrises and sunsets on our roof. With two volcanoes in view, surrounded by jungle and the most colorful sky I've ever seen, we find solace up there. (While there aren't any photos of this view, we've been piecing together a special something to showcase the beauty). Kent has experienced a pila for the first time and has adapted to it as easily as I thought he would. I've slept, on average, about 10 hours a night. My body is still recovering from all the movement and time zone changes it underwent in the past couple of months.

All in all, we're safe, healthy, happy and are loving being in the land of color. Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving! Glad we could Skype with family and at least got to see some pumpkin pie.

we love antigua. it's only a 40 minute bus ride away

our new friend, paulina. she gave me a killer deal on my new backpack. i'm a bit obsessed with it.

all from the market. vegetarian taco soup is a common meal here.

favorite desayuno. fried potatoes, onions and peppers, poached eggs (courtesy of me), homemade black beans (courtesy of my Quinto), and homemade corn tortillas (courtesy of the market).

morning laundry. and no, that is not our bathroom :) just an old toilet that was left there. we're turning 
it into a planter.

pila duties :)


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