2012 Recap: January

Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 was undoubtedly one of our most exciting, adventurous years yet. We made some amazing friends and saw many new and familiar (all beautiful) places in the world. In the beginning of January, over our favorite lentil soup, we opened our new leather journals I had gotten us for Christmas.  We wrote down our goals and discussed how we could achieve them. It's such a good feeling to look back on what we had written and see that we accomplished so much. We are going to be doing one blog post for each month of 2012, since we can't sum it all up in one. Plus, we didn't blog as often as we wanted to for the most part of the year and we didn't want these photos and memories to go unnoticed.

In January, we were still in Utah after the Holidays visiting family (best way to start the year)....

As we started the 15+ hour drive back to Spokane, our car started to give out on us. Thankfully we made it to Blackfoot, where my grandparents live, and always a main stop of the long drive. Grandpa and Kent replaced the belts to try and fix our dead battery problem.

And the next day, we were back on the road. Only a few hours out of Blackfoot, the car started to die again. We ended up being stranded in Drummond, MO for a night in a shady little hotel. We were able to find someone kind enough to jump start our car and we only made it to Missoula (about 30 minutes away) before it died again. We ended up renting a car in Missoula and bought jumper cables. I drove the rental and Kent drove ol' Vennie, and we had to pull over and jump start the car every about every 30 minutes until arriving in Spokane. Yes, it was absolutely insane. But it makes for a good story. Pulling into our driveway again was one of the best feelings ever. 

Thank you for all your love & support throughout the year. Your kindness and friendship mean the world to us. Wishing you all the best in 2013! Cheers! k&m


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