Ibiza | Part I

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Okay, this is the part where I have to pause for a moment and remind myself that this really happened. In October, Kent, Danny (one of our best friends), and I boarded a flight bound for Barcelona. I was invited to hold a photography workshop on Spain's whimsical island, Ibiza, the last weekend in October, so we all decided to make a backpacking trip out of it. Kent and I backpacked through Europe a few summers ago and were excited to see some new and familiar places.  I'm still trying to find the right words to portray how incredibly awesome this entire experience was. There were so many new people and places, I'm going to have to do them all in separate posts. So, today, part I of Ibiza. 

We arrived on the isle at night coming from Barcelona. We thankfully found our hostel easy enough in the dark, unloaded our things and head out to find some dinner. All we could find was KFC and Pizza Hut. Gross, I know. Unfortunately, my celiac didn't allow me to eat anything at either place, except a salad. I'm used to eating salads, and I like salads. But they're a bit different in Europe. Just big chunks of ice berg lettuce and...nothing else. Maybe a tomato or two, maybe a piece of chicken or two. It's always interesting to travel somewhere new and realize how different our pallet is relative to other parts of the world (ie. dairy products in the UK taste sour to me, pasta in Europe tastes bland and needs more salt, and everything in Guate just tastes like it was on the shelf a year past due and shouldn't be sold in stores). Not trying to complain, just wanting to paint a picture. 

The next morning, we headed out to familiarize ourselves with our area and met the prettiest, coolest gal, Rainbow Moon. She showed us around and even invited us to her magical house (the first photos were taken on her roof!) and we all met up for Indian food later that night. That entire day, the boys hung out with me while I scoped out Dalt Vila, the part of Ibiza where Day One of the workshop was to be held. I found the perfect locations and couldn't stop gasping every time we turned a corner. This entire island is truly one of the most beautiful place I have ever ever seen. Go visit, you won't be disappointed.


Quinto and I.

Seriously, this place is not even real.

They're looking at this...

To get to Dalt Vila, you have to walk through this 800 year old castle. nbd.

And..a preview from Day One of the workshop. To see a few more previews, you can head over to my photo journal and my facebook page.


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