Monday, February 18, 2013

We hit our three month mark in Guate last week. Even with the unexpected (and expected) difficulties of living here, I haven't doubted for one second that this is where we need to be. While last year was empowering and exciting for us is in countless ways, we were also dealing with some emotionally draining situations. It has been healing to be away from anything and anyone familiar and to allow ourselves to recoup. What we've learned through it all is how truly fortunate we are to have one another. When we decided to be together, we promised to always encourage each other to explore and to not be afraid to wander. We feel lucky that everything we find moving and of value individually align perfectly and because of this, we've been able to share our most inspiring experiences together. What we have is a rarity and we never forget it. Although this is a late ode to the holiday of love, I didn't want it to go unsaid on here...I love you, Kent.


  1. I love you both so much!! <3

  2. that is so wonderful to hear. congrats, you two lovebirds :)


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