The Journey of Few

Monday, March 25, 2013

Painting by William Blake 

The Journey of Few
Kent Robinson

Sharp, jagged corners
Smooth, deceptive curves
Letters and symbols, slashes in stone
Spawned by dust and time and the minds of beasts

The shapes collaborate and conceive a monster
A breathing notion that stands in a line, a continuum that follows through the ocular into the mainframe
Tugging on neurons, tickling the frontal lobe
Wielding cognitive dissonance as a flaming sword
Bringing war to the fat and happy certainties snoozing between the ears

And the temple walls crack
The minutiae of canon loses clout and seeps out
And the walls crumble and fall
Into a blank slate that yearns for technicolor dreams, a sovereign system, an uncut trail        

O Great Mystery! Guide our hero through the dark night of the soul!
Let the shadows of uncertainty illuminate the way


  1. This is oddly very personal, very much a peak into my own war " between the ears" I'm finding that the "shadows of uncertainty" are purposefully placed , part of a lifetime of little tests. Only Faith illuminates the way. Hard won Faith, hardly " fat and happy" . You are a talented wordsmith, having crafted a piece that I find deeply moving.Thank you.


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